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Program and timetable

Please see below for the program 

Timetable for Gauvain

Friday 21st June 2024


09:00 – 09:30



09:30 – 09:35

Introduction and welcome to the Gauvain

Session 1 Free papers.  Chairs – Dan Marsland and Chris Mitchell

09:35    High survivorship and low complication rate in a single‐centre series of  651 medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy cases with a mean follow‐up of 13 years.

            Sam Shamoon, Ahmed Mabrouk, Michael Risebury, Sam Yasen

            Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

            University Hospital Southampton

09:45    Postoperative radiographs two weeks after ankle fracture fixation: a  waste of resources and rarely justified.

            Noah Khan, Arpita Devashetty, Dan Burns and Daniel Marsland

            Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

09:55    Survivorship and Clinical outcomes of massive rotator cuff tears treated with Human Dermal Allograft.

            Ali Assaf, Ms Debbie Prince, Mr Cambell Hand, Mr Andrew Cole, Mr George Cox

            University Hospital Southampton

10:05    Misinterpretation of the Trochanteric Fracture.

            Kate Nicholls, Henry Goodier

            University Hospital Southampton

10:15    Intramedullary Nails in Trochanteric A1/A2 Fractures in a High Volume Hip Fracture? Major Trauma Centre Yields Low Mortality and Low Re- operation Rates.

            Ping Hei Cheng, Khalifa Farghaly, Fransiska Guerreiro, Simon Tilley, David Higgs

10:25    Improving the integration of fragility fracture services may reduce the subsequent incidence of major trauma due to low-energy injury in older people.

            Daniel O'flaherty, Fransiska Guerreiro, Mark Baxter, Simon Tilley

            University Hospital Southampton

10:35   The Reliability of a Handheld Dynamometer for the Assessment of Shoulder Strength

            Alex Denning, Alex Chowdhury, Ryan Hillier-Smith, Rabia Iqbal, Henry Colaco

10:45 – 11:30

Coffee and trade stands

11:30 – 12:30

Session 2 Free papers.   Chairs - Toni Ardolino and Nick Hancock

11:30    Posterior locked sternoclavicular joint reconstructions: A case series.

            Adan Khan, Mr Ali Assaf Balut, Mrs Debbie Prince, Mr Campbell Hand, Mr Aiman Alzetani, Mr                  George Cox

            University Hospital Southampton

11:40    Hyponatraemia in lower limb arthroplasty increases length of stay but reliably corrects on follow-up bloods. Can we safely discharge patients earlier?

            Alex Denning, Rabia Iqbal, Julia Craggs, Ffion Byrn, Toby Briant-Evans

            Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

11:50    Templating for hip replacement gets you right most of the time, but can you trust your scaler?

            Ahmed Khalaf, Fransiska Guerreiro, David Higgs

            University Hospital Southampton

12:00  Revisiting the diagnosis of Acute Achilles tendon rupture: The lost art of clinical examination        and unnecessary use of plain radiographs.

            Swawiza Gohobur, Freideriki Poutoglidou, Daniel Marsland.

            Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

12:10   10 Years On: A Review Of UK Military Personnel Living With Upper Limb Amputations.

            Liam Kilbane, Miss Sarah Stapley, Mr Darren Roberts

            Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

12:20    Is periprosthetic hip fracture a fragility fracture?

            Fransiska Guerreiro, Mark Baxter, Simon Tilley

            University Hospital Southampton


12:30 – 13:30

Lunch and trade stands


13:30 – 14:30

Session 3 Free papers – Paeds - Darius Rad and Morgan Bailey

13:30    Orthopaedics and 3D printing – Does it all 'add' up?  Comparative analysis of novel orthopaedic implants produced by additive manufacturing

            Jack Hurst, Professor D. Dunlop, Professor R. Oreffo

            University Hospital Southampton

13:40    Exploration of rehabilitation through the use of virtual reality interventions for patients with hand conditions: A scoping review.

            Stefanie Gibb, Carol Julie Clark, Zoë Alexandra Sheppard, Timothy Bernard Crook

13:50    Gait analysis in surgical decision making for Miserable Malalignment

            Henry Goodier, Amir Qureshi

            University Hospital Southampton

14:00    Metaphyseal Distal Radius Fractures in Adolescents: Is Closed Reduction and Casting Sufficient for Most?

            Joe Barrett-Lee, A Abdellatif, S White, P Liu, F Hindi, K Gkorila, D C Roberts

            Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

14:10    Medial Patellofemoral ligament reconstruction in children using Fibre- tape: A preliminary study.

            Jack Hurst, Themis Vampertzis, Rohit Gangadharan, Morgan Bailey, Darius Rad, Mark Frame,                    Farokh Wadia

            University Hospital Southampton

14:20   Radiation Burden On Children Undergoing Open Reduction For Developmental Dysplasia Of The Hip.

             Waseem Hasan, Nicholas Uren, Fiona Wall, Alex Aarvold University Hospital Southampton


14:30 – 15:00

Coffee and trade stands


15:00 – 16:40

Session 4 Free papers –  Chairs - Alex Aarvold and Jo Round

15:30    Wessex Regional Trauma Survey - A snapshot review of trauma capacity and utilisation across the Wessex deanery.

            Chloe Paylor, Mr Robin Elliot, Mr D. Farr, Mr D. Hancock, Mr N. Hancock, Mr D. Blyth, Mr. K.                      Gallagher, Mr M. Wilson, Mr R. Boyd, Miss K. Peters, Mr N. Savva, Mr R. Galloway, Mr J.                              Millington, Mr Z. Morcos

            Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust & Wessex Collabaration

15:40    The detrimental side effects of face masks for a surgeon; fact or fiction?

            Joseph Potter, Prof. Douglas Dunlop

            University Hospital Southampton

15:50    Can artificial intelligence make orthopaedic hand clinic letters easier for patients to understand?

            Lucy Walker, Adam Stoneham, Michael Newman, Alex Nicholls and Duncan Avis

            Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

16:00    Orthopaedic theatre radiation protection provision: Is it adequate?

            Louise McMenemy, H. Sevenoaks, J. Richards, S. Howles, D. Bose,

            Wessex Orthopaedic Learning Forum, West Midlands Hospital Collaborators, Northwest                          Orthopaedic Research Collaborative, Bristol Orthopaedic Registrars Group

16:10    Foundation Preconceptions of T&O – Do We Have an Image Problem?

            Oliver Townsend, Dan Blyth, Binay Gurung

            Salisbury District Hospital

16:20    An evaluation of hand therapy services across the United Kingdom.

            Stefanie Gibb, Carol Julie Clark, Zoë Alexandra Sheppard, Timothy Bernard Crook

            Dorset County Hospital


16:20 – 17:30

Guest speakers – Introduction by Darius Rad

Alexi Iliadis

Leo Krivsky

17:30 – 17:40- TPD Address and Prizes


18:30- Drinks



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